jNetPcap v2 - Resources

To successfully implement version 2 of jNetPcap, we first need to take a look at resources needed to accomplish this effort.

Here are the categories for discussion related to resources:


We need developers. This needs to be a team effort. Since the new version of jNetPcap is going to be modular, it makes sense to assign teams of developers to various modules or portions of modules.

We need:

1) API developers
2) Protocol developers

Depending on someone's strength or desire to acquire additional experience, we can assign to various tasks, components, modules or teams in general.


Another important way to contribute is to help with the testing of code. This is something that requires less commitment then development level, but is of great importance none the less. If you have a unique set of skills, or access to a lab where you could test for jNetPcap, you could be a huge help to the project.

1) Test protocols
2) Test performance
3) Test OS or HW compatibility
4) Quality Assurance!

Tech Writers

If you have technical writing abilities, here is another way you could greatly contribute to the project. By teaming up with developers and help write javadocs, reference docs and various user guides.

Financial Sponsorship

I think it goes without saying that maintaining a project of this size and scope is financially expensive. My company, Sly Technologies Inc, has been the sole sponsor of jNetPcap project so far, picking up all of the consts associated with it for many years now.

In order to be more productive and reflect the current utilization of jNetPcap in commercial, educational and government space, I would like to announce and implement sponsorship programs which will allow growth of jNetPcap to continue (such as version 2 of the library).

jNetPcap v2 discussion

Its been a while since jnetpcap received a refresh and I think one is overdue. I would like to start a discussion on how to proceed with jnetPcap v2.

How to get website name from Packet?

Can anyone please help me to figure out how to get the website name from the packet?
some code snippet would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Parsing OpenFlow Tcp packets with JNetPcap

I am using jnetpcap-2.0.b0001.jar and this is my project code :https://github.com/hichamjabbour/JNetPcap-TcpReassembly/blob/master/src/com/hicham/jnet/ClassicPcapExample.java
I created the OpenFlow header , OpenFlowAnalyzer and OpenFlowHandler but I am unable to parse the OpenFlow header from OpenFlow packets on the listening interface eth1 of my project.
Any help plz?

Can I create a TCP packet by combining mulitple TCP packets together?

Hi All,

I am new to jnetpcap.

I have a pcap file. I want to combine multiple TCP packets (say, some 10 to 20 packets. I know the maximum size of a TCP packet is 64K bytes.) in the pcap file into one TCP packet and save it in another pcap file.

Is it possible to do this using jnetpcap?

Thank you very much!

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