Reassemble TCP packets with 1.4 r 1425

How can i reassemble TCP packets? All examples that i found currently outdated. Like with using HttpAnalyzer.
Thanks in advance!

Decrypt HTTPS Traffic payload

Hi Everyone,

I am new to jnetPcap and trying to capture HTTPS packet and decrypt its payload. Not sure how to do the same
Searched for some code snippets but couldn't find one.

It would be helpful if someone share me the code snippet or give me hint on how to capture https packet and decrypt its payload, as i am stuck with this for days. Sad

PS:I am able to get payload for HTTP request and facing issues with HTTPS.
Found this post on https decoding "http://jnetpcap.com/?q=node/962". But no code snippet

Thanks in advance.

Charanya Natarajan

Edit : Changed Subject line and i am able to capture the Https payload in encypted format. Unable to decrypt it.
PS: I have the Private key (.pem file)

What is the purpose of the "user" field in the nextPacket() method?

What is the intention of the 'user' field in:

public void nextPacket(PcapPacket packet, T user);

Thanks in advance for your help. Great product.

jNetPcap v2 - Architecture

jNetPcap v2 - Roadmap

The roadmap is a long term plan for jNetPcap which will help drive our development efforts and keep things on track.

Below is a roadmap to start things off and placeholders for now.

  1. 2015 - libpcap wrapper API release
  2. TBD - develop DPI architecture
  3. TBD - develop L3/L4 reassembly
  4. TBD - protocol packs
  5. TBD - network utility library

I am proposing the roadmap as if there was no other code to be used and we are almost starting from scratch. In reality we have a ton of code already developed (part of jnetpcap and also away from the project.)

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