Protocol Analysis

Detect end of capture through RTCP

my pcap.loop runs infinitely.How do i detect a connection failure through RTCP Bye packet to terminate the loop ?

tcp packet sending

I have created TCP packet using jnetpcap. I want to send this packet to remote machine.On this remote machine one java program will be running , this program contains severSocket which is in listening mode.
How to send this packet on remote machine and decode it there??

how to get payload of outgoing http POST request

Hello guys,

I got a problem here: I want to monitor outgoing HTTP POST request to a specific URL and get the payload contents. How can I do it with jNetPcap?

Does jNetPcap only catch incoming data? Also, I can view the content of a packet using System.out.println(packet.toString()); But how can I filter the HTTP packets to a specific URL? and how can I decode the POST payload?

Thanks a lot!!

wirelen < buffer len in the pcap offline capture example [new development release]

Hi, I am following the example given on the website,

But after running some time I am getting the following exception
illegal argument exception.
wirelen < buffer len
In the tutorial there is no option to change the buffersize or wirelen buffer size. So, how can I have a workaround this problem?

can jnetpcap use jna instead of jni?

At first, thanks for your contribution.

just as a question: will jnetpcap become better if uses jna instead of jni?
if using jna, you will not need to compile native wrapper (such as jnetpcap.dll) for various platform, we can link (or wpcap.dll) with java class directly, only one jar library is enough. it will also support the max number of platforms, for example MacOS, BSD, etc. jna can do these for you.

just an idea: why not split jnetpcap to more functional jars? like what many java frameworks do.
For example, such as jnetpcap.jar for pure wrapper, jnetanalyzer.jar for analyzing various packet protocol, jnetdump.jar for dumping or reading packets, other jars for other functions. splitting them to different project functionally make better to use them. sometimes, somebody maybe only want to get an analyzer but dumper, And sometimes oppositely.

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