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Get Dhcp packet type

Hello im Hector

im ding a app to analyze dhcp trafic and i want to know the type of the dhcp packet
dhcp request,ack,offer,discover,etc

maybe someone can help me

i already have done this

if(packet.hasHeader(udp) && packet.hasHeader(ip4) && packet.hasHeader(eth)){

if(udp.source()==67 || udp.destination()==68 || udp.destination()==67 || udp.source()==68){//is dhcp

String macSource=SnifferParser.macToString(eth.source());
String macDestination=SnifferParser.macToString(eth.destination());
String ipSource=SnifferParser.ip4ToString(ip4.source());
String ipDestination=SnifferParser.ip4ToString(ip4.destination());



Heusistic Java Scanner for DRDA

Get DNS query

Hi all,
I need to extract DNS query and response from UDP packets,
Does Anyone know how can I do this?
Maybe this is an old topic but I didn't found details.

Thanks in advance

recognize ecrypted protocol

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