Libpcap wrapper

Open pcap from InputStream


Is there a way to open an offline Pcap from an InputStream and not from a local file?

In the documentation it say that you can use pcap_fopen_offline() to open Pcap from an open stream but I don't know how to use it.


Filter expression for a word in Payload

Hi All,

I need to filter the payload for specific word. e.g if the payload has "Hello", packet should be dropped. what shall be the filter expression???

Need it urgently

Thank you

How to identify http request/resposne if they are coming from same client


if client sents 2 requests and server sents 2 response in diffrent intervals of time.

How to indentify them,i am using src port ,src IP address and dst port,dst IP address as a key.But it was not working for the same server responses and same client requests deffrentiation.

Looking forward for your suggestion..

How to use PF_RING with jNetPcap?

Is there any guide lines to use jnetpcap together with PF_RING?

I searched and found following 2 threads:
Both of them were updated several years ago. I assume that there should've some updates on integrate jnetpcap and PF_RING to support bigger throughput.

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