openLive packet capture and proccessing


I am fairly new to jnetpcap, I have familiarized myself with most of the packages and methods. What I am trying to do is leave an openLive method call running indefinitely, and at the same time, be able to get packets and start processing them and doing whatever i want with them. But it seems like openlive has to finish before I can do anything with the pcap. Is there any work arounds or methods I may not know about? I was considering making the openlive call its own thread, but im still not sure if I would be able to use the contents of it or not.

One idea I had/I think I read on one of the forums was to loop forever and inside there keep capturing for a second and then process using those pcaps. If i were to do that though would I miss some data/packets

openlive(1 second)
run threaded process

Thanks a lot!!!

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