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Website: notifications

New addition to the website. You can subscribe to content and be notified of updates. Since I make frequent content updates to the website, you can choose to be notified. Especially if you started or are interested in a forum topic, you will find a "subscribe" option under the topic post. From your account settings, you can change notification types to limit your updates to immediately, periodically at certain time intervals and whether to do it in digest mode, etc...

The notification mechanism is pretty flexible and I hope you use it to take advantage of information on this website.

Website performance

The performance has been steadily declining of for some time now. I finally traced it to mainly the "" logo which is required in order to tally up page hits, etc... I removed all the sponsor links for now and the site loads under a second now.

I'll gradually add in some of the stuff back in, but with caution. The site is hosted on a Sly Techs' dedicated quad core 64-bit linux server, we should not be having any performance issues coming from the server itself. Hope you enjoy the better performance.

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