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Website forum and iPhone support

I have updated the website forum with new and more forum like look and feel. This should make it easier for most of us to actually move around in there.

Also the website is now completely iPhone friendly. So please feel free to check it out. Hopefully I will be able to make it blackberry friendly as well, but for now iPhone looks real good. No zooming in required and all the unnecessary fluff you don't want on the small screen is gone.

sample code link broken?


I can't seem to get to the sample code links, for example under API Examples->Classic Examples, the link to gives me the 404 error.


Printer friendly

Smileys now enabled

I have installed the smileys module. This should add a bit of color to our postings Smile

Here are a few samples:

Innocent Glasses >) Davie Crown Crazy Barf! Jawdropping! Cool Puzzled Eye Sticking out tongue Tired Party Smile Eye Shocked Steve Evil Love Laughing out loud Cool

You will find a "smileys" menu right above the compose window. It will expand with all the smilyes available. I'll add more as time permits.

File Uploads enabled

I enabled file uploads to the site. This will allow any type of file to be uploaded to the site and attached to a post or displayed as an image within the post using standards HTML img tag.

Its enabled for authenticated users, and hopefully it won't be abused. Image size is limited to 640x480 and attachment size to 2Mb. I'm not worried about space or bandwidth. jNetPcap website is hosted on a dedicated server thanks to Sly Technologies.

Just one more thing to improve the website.

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