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Javadocs page not found

Edit: Just realized I could download the javadocs instead. Simply ignore/delete this post.

Website performance

I have optimized a few things on the website which should make all the pages load much faster then before. The new google's "online page speed" tool, gives a high 89 points (out of 100) on performance.

Any improvement, is a good improvement Smile

Server outage Nov. 12th

How to decode undecoded packet which we get from getPayload method from PcapPacket?


How to decode and get the .au audio file from undecoded packtes which i got from getPayload() method.


Website maintenance 6/11/10

On Friday, June 11, 2010, Codero and multiple contractors will be performing tests on our backup power systems in our Phoenix Datacenter.
Additionally, one of our PDUs will have maintenance work performed in a continuing effort to monitor power systems in our Phoenix facility. These functions will be performed during (2) two-hour maintenance windows.

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