jNetPcap project roadmap

+-> 2.X - next generation API branch (TBD) (Browse)
|   +-> new memory managment (in progress)
|   +-> standalone jnetpcap module - libpcap wrapper only functionality
|   +-> standalone jnetproto module - CORE protocols, decoding and analysis
|   +-> standalone jnetsoft module - common code
+-> 1.4 - (download)( browse)
|   +-> add support for additional x32 and x64 platforms. 
|   +-> JPacketBuffer handler, Lazy packet decoding
|   +-> Additional protocols added
|   +-> New libpcap 1.0.0 API functions
+-> 1.3  - stable code base
    +-> 1.3 alpha (Sept. 2009) (Download)(Browse)
    +-> 1.3 beta(April 2010) (Download)(Browse)
    +-> 1.3 final (July 11, 2010) - in progress

pcap_create - allocates memory for the pcap handle (must be followed by a corresponding pcap_activate)
pcap_set_snaplen - set the snapshot length for a not-yet-activated capture handle
pcap_set_promisc - set promiscuous mode for a not-yet-activated capture handle
pcap_can_set_rfmon - check whether monitor mode can be set for a not-yet-activated capture handle
pcap_set_rfmon - set monitor mode for a not-yet-activated capture handle
pcap_set_timeout - set the read timeout for a not-yet-activated capture handle
pcap_set_buffer_size - set the buffer size for a not-yet-activated capture handle
pcap_setdirection - set the direction for which packets will be captured
pcap_activate - actives the pcap handle and most of the above functions may no longer be called on an active handle
pcap_statustostr - convert a PCAP_ERROR_ or PCAP_WARNING_ value to a string
pcap_strerror - convert an errno value to a string (provides a wrapper around strerror() for the benefit of OSes that don't have strerror())
pcap_offline_filter - check whether a filter matches a packet. BPF VM engine in user land
pcap_datalink_ext - (Guy Harris) the theory was that some linktype values in a savefile could give additional information, such as the number of bits of FCS. Currently, that's only used by the code to support DAG cards.
pcap_set_datalink - set the link-layer header type to be used by a capture device.
pcap_list_datalinks - get a list of link-layer header types supported by a capture device
pcap_free_datalinks - frees allocated memory in pcap_list_datalinks
pcap_snapshot - get the snapshot length set with pcap_set_snaplen or