What platforms are currently supported?

The following operating systems are currently supported with the latest development jNetPcap release. The table below also lists the various hardware architectures and packaging options supported.

Operating SystemVersiontar/zipx86_32x86_64Packager
Windows XPSP1 or aboveXX
Windows VistaSP1 or aboveXX
Windows 7SP1 or aboveXXX
Open Solaris2009XXX

Note *: Mac/OSX support is currently under development.

The following Linux variant operating systems are supported. All linux systems can run on the "Generic Linux" tar distribution, even the ones that are not part of the list below as long as they meet the minimum "Linux Kernel" version level and minimum "libpcap" library version of 9.8 for pre jnetpcap 1.4 APIs and libpcap version 1.0.0 or above for jnetpcap 1.4.

[table=theme Linux Systems | Version | tar/zip | x86_32| x86_64 | Packager
Generic Linux | Kernel 2.6.18 or above | X | X | X |
Fedora Core | 8,9,10,11,12 | | X | X | rpm
Redhat Enterprise | 4,5 | X | X | | rpm
Debian | 5 | | X | X | deb
Ubuntu | 9 | | X | X | deb
OpenSUSE* | 11.3 | | X | X | rpm
CentOS | 5.2 | | | |

Build jnetpcap-1.3.b0001-milestone1 is available!

I just uploaded the first of many dev snapshot builds to the distribution server. The snapshot contains my latest bug fixes on the main development trunk and includes the working WebImage capture demo application. This is the first dev snapshot of many to come. Dev snapshots are going to be released more frequently with the latest and greatest from the main development trunk.

Major Release "changes" Announcement

jNetPcap Version 1.2 software has gone through a number of revisions that were labeled 1.2.rc1 through 1.2.rc5. These revisions added new features and fixed numerous bugs. The jNetPcap Version 1.2 so far has been a major success. jNetPcap is being utilized for many different purposes. This includes embedding into a commercial products and utilization in major corporate infrastructure projects. Number of interested companies and users has been phenomenal and explosive.

Reading Images from Http

The tcp-reassembler is working. I wrote up a tiny little GUI application that displays all images found in a file full of http packets that were transmitting various images. All images span multiple TCP segments. They are seamlessly reassembled and passed over to my handler for processing. The handler creates an AWT image out of them and adds it to a SWING application.

jNetPcap 1.2.rc5 released!

Release 1.2.rc5 is released to release system.

The latest release is a maintenance and new feature release. The release fixes several bugs found since 1.2.rc4. It also adds significant new capability for high level protocol analysis. Analyzers now keep track of sessions, segments and fragments. Provides services to reassemble tcp segnements and Ip fragments. Release also adds Http and Html protocol definitions and supporting analyzers.

Release download

What do our customers have to say?

Dimentrix recommends jnetpcap as the Java library of choice when reading packets off the network. We have used this library extensively in our flagship "sqlShark" ( and it has performed admirably. Even under tremendous load, the memory usage was low and response time high. We are also very satisfied with the support given to us by Sly Technologies. Their engineers were prompt in resolving any issues, proficient in network programming and level of commitment was at par with any ISO certified organization.

Vikram Roopchand
Dimentrix, Inc.

Posted by wkunes — 2012-04-24
Nice and Easy to use.
Posted by Ian — 2012-03-27
jnetpcap works perfectly, thanks
Posted by DimitrisK
Great, it's interesting.