Nearing official 1.3 stable release

I am working toward the official 1.3 stable release. Just wanted to update everyone ahead of time what will be part of this release and what the changes are in the SVN repository.

The release jnetpcap-1.3.a1 (a1 == alpha 1) contains all of the features found so far with the exception of the "analysis". All analyzers, reassemblers, sequencers, analysis events and the getAnalysis methods have been removed from the API in 1.3 release. This feature is still present in the main development trunk and is designated to be released after 1.3 into one of the jnetpcap-2.X releases sometime Q1 of next year. Not exactly sure if this will be in 2.0 or later since there are other features such as native-dissector, that need to be included before full analysis support can be officially provided. Analysis feature will continue to be released with more frequent development builds.

1.6 - Using in Eclipse projects

jNetPcap is a java project that comes with a required native shared library. The requirement of a native library typically adds confusion and presents difficulty for many as to how properly setup a project in eclipse to reference jNetPcap library correctly.

There are several ways that jNetPcap can be added to your existing java project in Eclipse IDE. Let me briefly outline them here and then lets go through the detailed steps of actually creating a proper build path so your project will compile with jNetPcap.

Build jnetpcap-1.3.b0010 available

Build jnetpcap-1.3.b0006 available

Latest snapshot of the development trunk is available for download from distribution server:

The latest build fixes numerous bugs and adds support for Ubuntu and RHEL linuxes. The builds were also released with both the official packaging such as RPM/DEB and in compressed tar format.

Build 1.3.b0005 was a private build and differs only slightly with 1.3.b0006.

Fast PcapDumper API

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