Build jnetpcap-1.3.b0010 available

Latest development snapshot release is available for download.

The release fixes bugs and does not add any new functionality.

  • Bug#2847124 - Memory leak
  • Bug#2836179 - 1.3.b0006 coredumps on all platforms

Build jnetpcap-1.3.b0006 available

Latest snapshot of the development trunk is available for download from distribution server:

The latest build fixes numerous bugs and adds support for Ubuntu and RHEL linuxes. The builds were also released with both the official packaging such as RPM/DEB and in compressed tar format.

Build 1.3.b0005 was a private build and differs only slightly with 1.3.b0006.

Fast PcapDumper API

Added a fast native PcapDumper handler that allows packet dumps completely in native land without entering java environment once set running.

Two new methods have been added to Pcap class:

Memory, API change and 1.2 release

After careful review and a long design session about "Dissectors/containers" (analyzers are also part of this decision), I have made a decision that this feature can not be properly implemented using current memory model used in jNetPcap when managing natively allocated memory. This is something I will be working on, but only after 1.2.alpha is released. Therefore I am almost ready to freeze the feature set and get things ready for an official 1.2 release.

Development priorities

jNetPcap is growing rapidly in terms of usage and features. I have been prioritizing work. Up until recently the priorities were a bit too flexible and shifting from one thing to another. So I would like to make my priorities public and would apprechiate feedback and suggestions.

What do our customers have to say?

Dimentrix recommends jnetpcap as the Java library of choice when reading packets off the network. We have used this library extensively in our flagship "sqlShark" ( and it has performed admirably. Even under tremendous load, the memory usage was low and response time high. We are also very satisfied with the support given to us by Sly Technologies. Their engineers were prompt in resolving any issues, proficient in network programming and level of commitment was at par with any ISO certified organization.

Vikram Roopchand
Dimentrix, Inc.

Posted by wkunes — 2012-04-24
Nice and Easy to use.
Posted by Ian — 2012-03-27
jnetpcap works perfectly, thanks
Posted by DimitrisK
Great, it's interesting.