Dev build 1.4.b0004 released

Latest 1.4 build is released.


  • Lazy packet decoding - allows decoding to be offloaded to another thread
  • JPacketBufferHandler - more efficient packet handler
  • Solaris platform support



1.3 beta 1 released!

1.3b1 is released. Its an update to 1.3 alpha 1 which fixes several discovered issues. The following issues have been resolved:

Dev 2.0.b0001 released

Official release 1.3.a1 (alpha1) is released

The official release jnetpcap-1.3.a1 is released. This release freezes new feature development. Only bug and documentation fixes will be allowed on this release branch.

This is the recommended release for environments not looking for very latest features and which require code stability in production environments.

Release 1.3 contains the following features:

  1. All the libpcap wrapper API
  2. Header decoder (the quick native scanner)
  3. Existing core protocols (Ethernet, 802.3, Ip4, Tcp, Icmp, etc..)
  4. Native checksum generation and verification for various protocol CRC fields
  5. No changes to existing native memory model.
  6. Flow-key generation
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