jNetPcap 1.3.b4 (beta 4) - Released to Testers

We just released version 1.3.b4 (beta 4) to our testing community. The purpose of this release is to test the distribution packages to make sure everything is included in them, before uploading to public distribution servers. The beta 4 code has already been tested and verified to be working correctly within the testing community. We are just making sure we didn't forget to include anything in the various distribution packages (even though its almost fully automatic process.)

1.3.b4 almost ready

The beta 4 release is nearly ready. The memory footprint of a running jNetPcap based application is much better.

Beta 4 does away with old way of finalizing objects using the common Object.finalize method, which gets called when object is no longer referenced and is about to be cleaned up. This was the place where certain native memory related jNetPcap objects, would perform their cleanup, releasing native resources. This approach has many issues which are discussed in this Sun/Oracle and several other articles.

1.3 beta 4 testers needed!

We are looking for volunteers to test out next release of jNetPcap version 1.3 beta 4, before its made available to the general public.

If you are interested in becoming part of the "tester community", please send an email to

Your help is greatly appreciated. The extra testing before making a public jNetPcap releases, will ensure that we publish the most stable software possible. The benefit is that you can get early access to the latest code and have a greater voice in the development process.

1.3 Beta 4 performance

Latest beta 4 update being tested:

Test#Packets/sec (1000s)bits/s (Millions)PcapPacketGeneral ScanTcp-only ScanCopyPeerNotes
2100229noyesnoyesnoPcapPacket reused
4100229noyesnoyesnoExtra new Object(){};
81,290677nonoyesyesyescopy tcp payload only
91,0502,280nonoyesyesyescopy all packets

jNetPcap 1.3 beta 3 released

New version of jNetPcap 1.3 version (beta 3) has been released. This software update addresses a couple of bugs that have been discovered with beta 2 release.

  • Bug#3078703 - JMemory.transferTo(ByteBuffer) (array version)
  • Bug#3078704 - Debug message coming from Tcp header when options are parsed

To download: jnetpcap download page

What do our customers have to say?

Dimentrix recommends jnetpcap as the Java library of choice when reading packets off the network. We have used this library extensively in our flagship "sqlShark" ( and it has performed admirably. Even under tremendous load, the memory usage was low and response time high. We are also very satisfied with the support given to us by Sly Technologies. Their engineers were prompt in resolving any issues, proficient in network programming and level of commitment was at par with any ISO certified organization.

Vikram Roopchand
Dimentrix, Inc.

Posted by wkunes — 2012-04-24
Nice and Easy to use.
Posted by Ian — 2012-03-27
jnetpcap works perfectly, thanks
Posted by DimitrisK
Great, it's interesting.