Thanks and Link to cljNetPcap a Clojure Wrapper/Facade for jNetPcap


first of all thanks a lot for this great library!

I created a wrapper/facade/whatever you wanna call it that eases the use of jNetPcap in Clojure.
I called the result cljNetPcap.
cljNetPcap is released under the terms of the LGPL.
You can find the code at:

Final jNetPcap 1.3.0 released!

We are pleased to announce the release of jNetPcap version 1.3.0. This is the stable, production quality, final release of jNetPcap 1.3. The 1.3 release will be supported for up to 3 years. Maintenance updates will be provided if any future issues are discovered.

1.3.r1315 (rc1) looks good.

We have been testing the latest 1.3 code (1.3.r1315 rc1). Several testers so far have reported positive feedback. For details about what was fixed visit the overview page.

All bugs were fairly minor and nothing serious or hard to fix had been found. The r1315 will be the basis for the full production release 1.3.0. No more betas. The same bug fixes have also been applied to 1.4 codebase. I don't like to release both 1.4 and 1.3 at the same as there is always plenty going on with a single release. So a couple of days after 1.3 is done, I will release the updated 1.4 with the latests as well.

jNetPcap 1.4.r1300 - development release available!

Latest development snapshot is available for download. This is a development snapshot based on the stable 1.3 code base.

jNetPcap 1.3 (beta 4) released!

New version of jNetPcap 1.3 version (beta 4) has been released. The software update improves memory utilization and performance.

To download: jnetpcap download page

What do our customers have to say?

Dimentrix recommends jnetpcap as the Java library of choice when reading packets off the network. We have used this library extensively in our flagship "sqlShark" ( and it has performed admirably. Even under tremendous load, the memory usage was low and response time high. We are also very satisfied with the support given to us by Sly Technologies. Their engineers were prompt in resolving any issues, proficient in network programming and level of commitment was at par with any ISO certified organization.

Vikram Roopchand
Dimentrix, Inc.

Posted by wkunes — 2012-04-24
Nice and Easy to use.
Posted by Ian — 2012-03-27
jnetpcap works perfectly, thanks
Posted by DimitrisK
Great, it's interesting.