Thanks and Link to cljNetPcap a Clojure Wrapper/Facade for jNetPcap

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first of all thanks a lot for this great library!

I created a wrapper/facade/whatever you wanna call it that eases the use of jNetPcap in Clojure.
I called the result cljNetPcap.
cljNetPcap is released under the terms of the LGPL.
You can find the code at:

cljNetPcap also packages jNetPcap including its native libs in one big *.jar.
Thereby, multiple versions of the native libs for different operating systems and architectures are packaged.
Then, at run time, depending on the combination of operating system and architecture/platform the correct native libs are automatically extracted and loaded.
In general, cljNetPcap offers primarily mechanisms for enabling and easing the use of jNetPcap from within Clojure.

I hope this is useful for you or some people here.

Thanks again and best regards,


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Nice Job!!

Really nice job!
I like the architecture!
Could you provide documentation in more details.

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Thanks and Info about more Documenation

emad7105 wrote:
Really nice job!
I like the architecture!
Could you provide documentation in more details.

Thanks, I hope this is useful for some people here.
I will add some more documentation etc. when I find the time.
Unfortunately, I am currently very busy.

I will also publish more details via my blog:
And of course I will update the documentation on github as well.

Mark Bednarczyk
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I have published this topic

I have published this topic to front page for a while, until I can properly add a link from 'related' section somewhere on the website.

We will be happy to support a co-project based on jNetPcap and provide link to your project page.

Sly Technologies, Inc.

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