Results from long running "stresstest"

Just wanted to share some results from a long running stress test of jnetpcap version 1.3.b3 (beta 3).

#1  01:08:24: tot=367.1Mp packets=367057341 pps=40077 bytes=11Mb/s hdr=175355/s hdr=6us rm=65.2Mb pm=0.2b vm=715124Kb
#2  03:40:46: tot=734.1Mp packets=367050000 pps=40143 bytes=11Mb/s hdr=175644/s hdr=6us rm=61.0Mb pm=0.2b vm=715124Kb
#3  06:12:50: tot=1101.2Mp packets=367050000 pps=40230 bytes=11Mb/s hdr=176025/s hdr=6us rm=56.3Mb pm=0.2b vm=715124Kb
#4  08:43:45: tot=1468.2Mp packets=367050000 pps=40536 bytes=11Mb/s hdr=177363/s hdr=6us rm=51.6Mb pm=0.1b vm=715128Kb
#5  11:15:15: tot=1835.3Mp packets=367050000 pps=40381 bytes=11Mb/s hdr=176682/s hdr=6us rm=48.5Mb pm=0.1b vm=715128Kb
#6  13:47:50: tot=2202.3Mp packets=367050000 pps=40093 bytes=11Mb/s hdr=175423/s hdr=6us rm=41.7Mb pm=0.1b vm=715128Kb
#7  16:25:51: tot=2569.4Mp packets=367050000 pps=38715 bytes=10Mb/s hdr=169393/s hdr=6us rm=37.9Mb pm=0.1b vm=715128Kb
#8  18:58:06: tot=2936.4Mp packets=367050000 pps=40179 bytes=11Mb/s hdr=175798/s hdr=6us rm=26.3Mb pm=0.1b vm=715128Kb
#9  21:31:01: tot=3303.5Mp packets=367050000 pps=40004 bytes=11Mb/s hdr=175036/s hdr=6us rm=26.5Mb pm=0.1b vm=715128Kb
#10 00:04:41: tot=3670.5Mp packets=367050000 pps=39810 bytes=11Mb/s hdr=174187/s hdr=6us rm=26.7Mb pm=0.1b vm=715128Kb
#11 02:38:58: tot=4037.6Mp packets=367050000 pps=39653 bytes=11Mb/s hdr=173501/s hdr=6us rm=24.4Mb pm=0.1b vm=715128Kb
#12 05:12:29: tot=4404.6Mp packets=367050000 pps=39849 bytes=11Mb/s hdr=174355/s hdr=6us rm=27.7Mb pm=0.1b vm=715128Kb
#13 07:45:57: tot=4771.7Mp packets=367050000 pps=39863 bytes=11Mb/s hdr=174419/s hdr=6us rm=25.8Mb pm=0.1b vm=715128Kb
#14 10:20:06: tot=5138.7Mp packets=367050000 pps=39683 bytes=11Mb/s hdr=173631/s hdr=6us rm=39.9Mb pm=0.1b vm=715128Kb
#15 12:53:48: tot=5505.8Mp packets=367050000 pps=39802 bytes=11Mb/s hdr=174149/s hdr=6us rm=35.1Mb pm=0.1b vm=715128Kb
#16 15:30:10: tot=5872.8Mp packets=367050000 pps=39125 bytes=11Mb/s hdr=171190/s hdr=6us rm=50.7Mb pm=0.1b vm=715128Kb
#17 18:00:01: tot=6239.9Mp packets=367050000 pps=40822 bytes=11Mb/s hdr=178615/s hdr=6us rm=47.9Mb pm=0.1b vm=715128Kb
#18 20:30:34: tot=6606.9Mp packets=367050000 pps=40635 bytes=11Mb/s hdr=177796/s hdr=6us rm=49.6Mb pm=0.1b vm=715128Kb
#19 23:05:51: tot=6974.0Mp packets=367050000 pps=39393 bytes=11Mb/s hdr=172360/s hdr=6us rm=49.0Mb pm=0.1b vm=715128Kb


  • tot = cumulative total number of packets since start of test
  • packets = number of packets processed since previous report line
  • pps = packets per second (calculated)
  • bytes = bytes per second (calculated)
  • hdr/s = header per second processed (calculated)
  • hdr = amount of time to process each header in micro-seconds (calculated)
  • rm = entire process resident memory (not just JVM, but the entire process)
  • pm = packet memory (calculated rm/packets)
  • vm = virtual process memory (not just JVM, but of the entire process)

I thought these are interesting numbers. You can see stable 'rm' column even after nearly 7,000,000,000 packets processed.

Hi Mark, that's awesome -

Hi Mark, that's awesome - out of curiosity, what sort of hardware was that run on?

WinXP-SP3 32-bit, Intel Core

WinXP-SP3 32-bit, Intel Core Duo 3Ghz, 3GB of memory.

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