1.4 - Installation

(Note: this is temporary document with some basic information. More comprehensive document is under development)

jNetPcap software is distributed as a installable package on most operating systems. The only prerequisite is that "libpcap" library or WinPcap on windows systems, be pre-installed prior to installing jnetpcap.

The distribution package installs the supplied "shared" library and jNetPcap development jar file into appropriate directories for each platform. On Unix systems this is typically "/usr/lib" and "/usr/share/java" directories.

On windows, the distribution package is a ZIP file. You need to unzip the contents of this file to a working folder. Both the supplied ".dll" file and the jNetPcap jar file need to be reachable by the applications which use it. The '.dll' file can be either copied into \windows\system** folder or added to the PATH variable in "autoexec.bat". The ".dll" file can also be specified to the java VM during startup using "-Djava.library.path=" option.

On all platforms, the supplied jar file, needs to be added to CLASSPATH or build environment variables.