PcapPacket constructor

I have added the implicit "transferTo" type copy of the packet in both PcapPacketHandler and JPacketHandler. Now both of these handlers deliver a stand-alone packet with fully copied contents. All 3 packet components header, state and data are copied into a single buffer and the java JMemory objects peered to point at their respective offsets into this memory block. Exactly the same as if done with PcapPacket.transferTo methods except its done natively.

This almost obsoletes the PcapPacket(PcapPacket) constructor. I say almost, because there may still be legitimate reasons to make an extract copy of all this information. It is however not neccessary to make a copy anymore in order to get the packet out of the temporary libpcap ring-buffer or JScanner ring-state-buffer.

I think this is the more intuitive behavior of both of these handlers and that should not only clear up many questions I receive and lots of frustrating programming errors for users learning jNetPcap library, but it also positions these 2 handlers for the enhanced memory model that will be implemented after 1.2 release. The new memory model will enhance JMemoryPool class and allow complex native structures to be peered.

Any existing implementations of these 2 handlers that perform a copy of the packets, should simply remove the code block that does the memory copies either using "transferTo" method or PcapPacket() constructors. In eclipse you can select the contructors and transferTo methods and perform "references" search which will list all the areas of the code that utilize these methods, pin pointing potential code that may need to be disabled.

If the code is not disabled, it will only result in packet data being copied twice. This is undersirable but not fatal in most cases resulting in some waist of memory and CPU, but fully functional.