rerror_rate attribute in KDD CUP 99 Dataset with using jnetpcap

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I'm trying to improve a signature based IDS with JAVA and so I'm using jnetpcap to capture network packets. In my project I need to analyze these network packets and I should classify them according to if they are suspicious(attack) or reliable(normal). For this, I'm using the KDD CUP 99 Dataset to classify my packets.

My question is;

- Is it possible to create each attribute of KDD CUP 99 Dataset with using jnetpcap? If it is, then how can I do this?
For example, I need to identify *rerror_rate(definition is like below) from network packets and I don't know how can I realize this?

*rerror_rate : % of connections that have ‘REJ’ errors to the same host.

I also need to identify the other attributes of this dataset and If I can identify rerror_rate maybe it can show me a way to identify the others.

Thanks in advance.