I only want to capture packets from first instance of an IP address

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I have it set where I can receiving all packets from a specific port. These packets are sent from multiple IP addresses, every 30 seconds (IP a will sent data every 30 seconds, IP b will as well, etc.). From the raw data, I have isolated maybe 20 fields that I want in my table, so each IP address has 20 elements of data. I have a List of Objects for each of these elements. The List grows based on the incoming packets. Example, 1 packet comes in, the List is 21 elements, two packets, the list is now 42, etc.

I want to create a table of some sort that will populate ONLY if the IP address is unique. So, like I said, data is sent every 30 seconds. I only want the first instance of each IP address sending a packet. The rows of the table will be the elements within the List pertaining to that IP address. So, I need to create a dynamic table. Right now, however, I am having trouble only receiving the first instance of a packet from a unique IP address.

Any help is appreciated.