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hello Smile
jnetpcap group packets into flows using JFlow and Jflowap so I want to get all packets in one flow.then extract the features from these packets for my use.
I execute this example http://jnetpcap.com/node/144 and I get output like this.

total packet count=483
total flow count=21
flow[0] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[7/6/13],
flow[1] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[9/11/20],
flow[2] -> Ip4 tot pkts=[1],
flow[3] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[74/135/209],
flow[4] -> Ip4 tot pkts=[18],
flow[5] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[9/6/15],
flow[6] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[8/6/14],
flow[7] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[5/5/10],
flow[8] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[7/7/14],
flow[9] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[8/6/14],
flow[10] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[9/10/19],
flow[11] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[5/5/10],
flow[12] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[8/9/17],
flow[13] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[7/6/13],
flow[14] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[6/6/12],
flow[15] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[7/6/13],
flow[16] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[9/10/19],
flow[17] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[7/6/13],
flow[18] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[7/6/13],
flow[19] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[6/6/12],
flow[20] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[8/6/14],

I want to handle each flow alone.

Thanks in advance.

Joined: 05/09/2016
please can you help me (
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Packets are all in line. it
Joined: 05/26/2016
Packets are all in line. it

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