jNetPcap v2 discussion

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Mark Bednarczyk
Joined: 03/22/2008

Its been a while since jnetpcap received a refresh and I think one is overdue. I would like to start a discussion on how to proceed with jnetPcap v2.

Here are the topics I would like to discuss and receive input and feedback:

1) Resources - this needs to be a team effort
a - Developers and testers
b - Financial sponsors
c - HW labs and equipment

2) Roadmap - long term planning
a - Major milestones
b - Timelines
c - Wishlist vs reality based on available resources

3) Architecture - API needs to be redesigned, modular and cleaned up
a - Features
b - Modules
c - API

4) Implementation - assign teams to implement various components
a - Technologies to utilize
b - Operating systems to support
c - Build script maintainers and builders
d - Testing and verification

I will start a topic in the "general" forum on each of these main topics.

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