Udp Echo Protocol

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hi everybody

My problem is echo protocol.I do not know how to set port 7 on udp .help me please

Mark Bednarczyk
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You question is very vague.

You question is very vague. I'm assuming you created a new packet containing a UDP header and would like to send it.

Use method Udp.destination(int) to change the port number within a packet.

public void sendUdpPacket(Pcap pcap, Packet packet) {
  Udp udp = new Udp();

  if (packet.hasHeader(udp)) {


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Udp echo reply

I want to get back udp reply packet after sending udp packet.This is really important to measure one way delay on udp.A host may connect to a server that supports the Echo Protocol using the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) on the well-known port number 7.So I have to set port number 7 on udp and i do not how to set.
I hope that my problem is clearer this time
Thank you for taking the time

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