Website moving to a new server

The website is moving to a new server over next few days. Apologies up front for any disruption of service.

No URI changes, just physically moving all content to newer hardware.

Website will continue to be accessible at:


Working on maintenance release

I am working on a maintenance release, one is overdue. I am incorporating all of the reported bugs.

Code Trivia: Enforcing Java Singletons is Very Hard

Here is my response to an article posted by Per-Ake Minborg on Javalobby:

Article link: Enforcing Java Singletons is Very Hard

jNetPcap v2 discussion

Its been a while since jnetpcap received a refresh and I think one is overdue. I would like to start a discussion on how to proceed with jnetPcap v2.

How to avoid OOM and DisposableGC errors

Here is our recommendation on how to avoid "Out of Memory Exceptions". The newer JVM GC (JRE 6 and 7) utilize parallel GCs which do not work with jNetPcap's DisposableGC. Because of large amount of RAM available in today's systems, it is tempting to increase -Xmx and -Xms parameters to something huge. However this is counter productive and is main reason why OOM messages occur in jNetPcap.

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