Other Tutorials

External libpcap tutorials

Although these are native C library tutorials, you will find that the procedures and sequences of calls are nearly identical. If you know the C and java languages, you shouldn't have much trouble translating these tutorials to java and jNetPcap API.

For example:

		char *dev, errbuf[PCAP_ERRBUF_SIZE];

		dev = pcap_lookupdev(errbuf);
		if (dev == NULL) {
			fprintf(stderr, "Couldn't find default device: %s\n", errbuf);

translates to jNetPcap API as follows:

StringBuilder errbuf = new StringBuilder();
String dev = Pcap.lookupDev(errbuf);
if (dev == null) {
  System.err.printf("Couldn't find default device: %s\n", errbuf);
  return 2;

Here is a list of tutorials that you may find useful: