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Verbosity in jUnits

I need to tone down the verbosity in all the jUnit test cases. They produce too much text output, which doesn't hurt anything, except it is hard to find any problems in the multitude of output produced.

I will be rearranging junit test cases into smaller and more logical test-suites. I already separated the test cases that require root privilege into its own separate group of tests. They can still be invoked using an ant target, when running under root. None the less with so many test cases, they still need to be broken down further. Possibly combined into bigger groups. Some test files only contain 1 or 2 test cases.

FreeBSD 7.1 ready

Added support for FreeBSD 7.1 (32 and 64 bit). No changes to the java code. The native code needed a hook for the getMacAddress function. It was ported to BSD with no problems and tests fine.

The build script currently still doesn't build FreeBSD packages, so only the generic tar package (incompatible FreeBSD packager, which also uses .tar packages, but differently structured). I hope to have a production quality package build target for it ready by the time 1.4 hits the alpha stage.

OpenSUSE 11.3

Just tested jNetPcap 1.4 on OpenSUSE 11.3 (32 and 64 bits). Everything works great. Updated the RPM build target since it wasn't working. The problem was that when the build script tries to determine the libpcap package version number it didn't find it. On OpenSUSE the package uses name 'libpcap1-*' instead of 'libpcap-*' like on other RPM systems. The generic 32 and 64 linux tar package on the dist server already supports OpenSUSE. The production RPM packages won't be released until 1.4 reaches alpha stage.

Build environment

We have upgraded our internal environment. Replaced numerous servers with 2 main build systems. Both of these systems run VMWare ESXi (4.1 and 3.5) and too many guest OSes to list here.

Website maintenance 6/11/10

On Friday, June 11, 2010, Codero and multiple contractors will be performing tests on our backup power systems in our Phoenix Datacenter.
Additionally, one of our PDUs will have maintenance work performed in a continuing effort to monitor power systems in our Phoenix facility. These functions will be performed during (2) two-hour maintenance windows.

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