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1.4 Javadocs and SCTP protocol

The online javadocs for 1.4 have been updated to 1.4.r1380. Use the pull down from the "Documentation" menu or use the direct link below:

jNetPcap 1.4: javadocs

Sigtran SCTP Protocol: javadocs

jNetPcap 1.4 is a development release, so please use and test out the SIP, SCTP protocol changes. Once the changes and new features are confirmed and tested, I will update 1.3 with bug fixes and put 1.4 and release "beta" version of 1.4 on our way to production status.

jNetPcap 1.4.r1380 released

Another quick 1.4 update. To download: click here

  • Feature #3537229 - PcapDumper enhancements
  • Bug #3415846 - (reopened) several issues/limitations in validate_sip. Sip INFO was still not working in previous update. Sip is working much better now in 1.4.r1380.
  • Also fixed the fumbled package that was released for 32-bit linux

Main purpose of 1.4.r1380 was to fix still a few more Sip issues. Sip is working much better in 1.3.r1380.

Updates coming to 1.4

Here is a quick update on status of jNetPcap 1.4. Here are some of the things I have been working on for a few weeks now:

1) Numerous bug fixes. About 20 different bugs in RTP, SIP, HTTP, TCP and more have been fixed. (see for details)

2) Several new protocols: Added SCTP, NullHeader (loopback/Null DLT), RTCP. Also added skeleton first cut at Diameter (in the tests/java1.5 source tree).

3) Several improvements of existing features: JFormatter enhancements that handle more output styles and now any array of any previous style type is handled generically. For example complex objects can simply implement at toString() method and will neatly be organized in array-style-output.

4) Added new features:
- JPacket.hasAnyHeader(long mask) and JPacket.hasAllHeaders(long mask)
You can now manipulate numerical protocol IDs as bitmasks that can be combined (ORed/ANDed) to check for existence of 1 or more protocols in a single check.
- Fully documented and every feature implemented SCTP protocol has been added
- Fully documented and RFC3550 compliant RTCP protocol has been added

10 bugs in 1.3/1.4

Just a heads up for everyone. I'm working on about 10 bugs that came up, at the end of the summer. All but 3 are fixed. The changes are checked in to the jnetpcap/branches/branch-1.3.1 SVN branch and I do have test builds I have been letting testers to download for testing purposes.

3414030Wrong header length on truncated packetsAccepted Fixed
3413081Semaphore exception in DispatchGCFixed
3407676Invalid TCP option throws exceptionFixed
3406732Excessive garbagecollection&negative reserved memFixed
3401623IllegalStateException out of nowhereFixed
3394110improperly escaped quotes in xml outputFixed
3392593glibc detected double free or corruptionFixed
3383751JFlowKey compare problemAccepted
3321797Tcp.Flag.asSet() messes flags upAccepted

For detailed status on each of these click here.

If anyone would like to help out testing, send us an email to or use the websites contact form.

GXLib extension

As part of the new memory model, we tried to stay consistent with existing standards. The new memory model being implemented is partly based on glib library (available on all platforms.) Glib's superior memory allocation algorithm and portable multi-threading features turned out be essential in making jNetPcap 2.0 possible.

However we had to add a glib extension called GXLib which adds reference counting to allocated memory. This is a pure C implementation and does not rely on glib's object API.

So here is a link to the public API documantation for this pure native library:

The library is not currently available for download, as its still be tested, but it was developed to be a standalone dll/so. All new APIs and implementations are being developed from now on, as more or less standalone libraries that work together and provide additional capabilities.

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