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Website moving to a new server

The website is moving to a new server over next few days. Apologies up front for any disruption of service.

No URI changes, just physically moving all content to newer hardware.

Website will continue to be accessible at:


Working on maintenance release

I am working on a maintenance release, one is overdue. I am incorporating all of the reported bugs.

Code Trivia: Enforcing Java Singletons is Very Hard

Here is my response to an article posted by Per-Ake Minborg on Javalobby:

Article link: Enforcing Java Singletons is Very Hard

Utility: eclipse stop button shutdown hook workaround

An outstanding issue with IDE environments (Eclipse/NetBeans/etc) is the fact that under IDE environment pressing the "red stop" button to terminate the application while running or debugging causes the process to terminate so abruptly as not to allow java VM hooks to execute and perform the necessary cleanup, among other things. Just look at this Eclipse bug 38016.

Account approval required from now on!

I have enabled account approval setting on the website. This will allow me to review new member accounts before approving.

Unfortunately we have been hit by heavy spam on the website. I increased CAPTCHA test to high settings in hopes of preventing SPAM accounts but it did not work. Lately we've been getting up to a dozen spam articles per day and its just too much at this point.

Eventually things may calm down and I will relax the approval process for new users.

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