March 2015

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: com.slytechs.library.NativeLibrary.dlopen(Ljava/lang/String;)J

I am having big difficulties using the 1.4.x libraries in the following environment:

- Ubuntu 64-bit
- Eclipse 64-bit edition

I have followed the setup # 2 instructions for setting up the library with Eclipse ( to no avail. I have added /usr/share/java/jnetpcap.jar as an external archive and I have added the location (/usr/lib/) of the and native libraries to the eclipse configuration of the jar. I have even tried placing the .so and .jar files in my home directory and changing the configuration appropriately and that didn't work. Then I tried to add in the configuration for the eclipse project (obviously with the .so back in /usr/lib) and it still didn't work.

I have seen many other users reporting this same issue, but there doesn't seem to be a satisfactory fix, other than downgrading to 1.3. I would happily use 1.3, but I need SCTP support, which is implemented only in 1.4.x.

Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated, as I have wasted a huge amount of time trying to get this to work.

Kind regards

cross-platform installation

What is the recommended way to distribute a cross-platform program that uses jNetPcap? Is it possible to package a Java application with all versions of jNetPcap?

Also, if Pcap is installed after the Java program has already started running, is it possible to use jNetPcap without restarting the program?

Thank you,

help with JFlowMap

hi in JFlowMap example the data return like this


superFlowMap::total packet count=418
total flow count=18

flow[0] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[9/10/19],
flow[1] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[9/11/20],
flow[2] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[1/0/1],
flow[3] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[6/6/12],
flow[4] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[6/6/12],
flow[5] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[5/5/10],
flow[6] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[6/6/12],
flow[7] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[5/5/10],
flow[8] -> Ip4 tot pkts=[18],
flow[9] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[1/1/2],
flow[10] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[74/135/209],
flow[11] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[9/6/15],
flow[12] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[8/6/14],
flow[13] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[8/6/14],
flow[14] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[6/6/12],
flow[15] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[6/6/12],
flow[16] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[6/6/12],
flow[17] -> Tcp fw/rev/tot pkts=[8/6/14],

i want understand what this part exactly mean fw/rev/tot pkts=[9/6/15]?

traces capturing/decoding


Is there an automated way to sort/capture packets by communication trace? so I can store the packets chronologically and grouped by communication trace. I need to know who started a communication "talk" by looking who send the first packet that initialize the conversation.
The examples that I use from this web let me to capture all the packets, but I can't relate them by communication trace (and chronologically sorted).

Should I write a program with that kind of analysis? or there is an easy way provided by the API?