July 2014

Load without java.awt.Image References

I am working on applying jnetpcap to an existing application that uses jPCAP. jnetpcap provides a more robust and intuitively obvious interface and, very importantly, is supported. I am currently running it against the Oracle Java 7 SE Embedded for Linux (headless) and it runs fine. However, I tried to run it against the compact3 version of Java 8 SE Embedded for Linux (also headless) and it fails with JRegistry trying to parse a built-in protocol (probably HTTP) due to no java.awt.Image class available. The reason for wanting to go to Java 8 is due to the size reduction from 31 meg to 21 meg for the runtime (could be smaller but I need some features in the compact3 profile).

Is there a way to prevent JRegistry from trying to load HTTP (or whichever protocol is using the java.awt classes)? If not, how would I go about reducing the included classes so the classes using the java.awt classes are not loaded?

Thank you for a great product. I like the reduced footprint (both memory and CPU) of jnetpcap and the ability to logically define a protocol using annotations (the protocol I am decoding is in UDP packets and is complex with many subheaders and can include an encapsulated Ethernet packet which I also have working). I am decoding for database functionality so no GUI is involved or desired.

Thanks in advance.


jNetPcap on ARM7 (BeagleBone Black Rev C)

I wanted to get jNetPcap working on a BeagleBone Black Rev C (BBB), which runs Debian 7 with an ARM7 processor. I did some google searching, and did not find much on this topic. Therefore, I decided to compile jNetPcap. I figured I would share what I did so that someone else does not have the same headaches I went through. Attached is the .deb installation file, and the MD5 hash file. I put a txt extension on each of the files, since it would not let me upload a .deb file. Simply remove the .txt on the end, and use the following command on the BBB to install it (once you have copied over the file).

dpkg -i jnetpcap-1.4.r1425-1.debian7.arm_.deb

I have tested it and it works. However, I have not done a ton with it yet. I hope this helps someone.

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Windows 8.1


There is any incompatibility with Windows 8.1?

I'm trying run the program, but it doesn't work!

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: com.slytechs.library.NativeLibrary.dlopen(Ljava/lang/String;)J
at com.slytechs.library.NativeLibrary.dlopen(Native Method)
at com.slytechs.library.NativeLibrary.(Unknown Source)
at com.slytechs.library.JNILibrary.(Unknown Source)
at com.slytechs.library.JNILibrary.loadLibrary(Unknown Source)
at com.slytechs.library.JNILibrary.register(Unknown Source)
at com.slytechs.library.JNILibrary.register(Unknown Source)
at com.slytechs.library.JNILibrary.register(Unknown Source)
at org.jnetpcap.Pcap.(Unknown Source)
at PacketSniffer.ClassicPcapExample.main(ClassicPcapExample.java:47)

I have done some steps to fix the exceptions:
Downgrade to jNetPcap 1.4 (jnetpcap-1.4.r1425-1.win64) to use stable version.
Use Import>File System to import the jar files into your plug-in project, say in the
/lib directory.
Use "New..." to add "." library back (with no quotes, of course). Some versions of eclipse automatically do this for you.

http.fieldvalue(Http.Response.RequestUrl) returns null

Hey mark i modified your source code ON READING IMAGES FROM HTTP,cause this time i wanted to extract the images urls,but the output is null.
public void processHttp(Http http) {
if (http.getMessageType() != Http.MessageType.RESPONSE) {

JPacket packet = http.getPacket(); // Packet this http belongs to
final long frame = packet.getFrameNumber();
final String cmd = http.fieldValue(Request.RequestMethod);
final String code = http.fieldValue(Response.ResponseCode);
final String ct = http.fieldValue(Response.Content_Type);
String cl = http.fieldValue(Response.Content_Length);
final int payload = http.getPayloadLength();

if ((code != null && code.equals("200") == false)) {
return; // Skip error messages

if (cl == null) {
cl = Integer.toString(payload);

* Responses always have a content type, since we are looking for
* specific content that has been predefined, we can use enum constants.
* We're not interested in anything else, otherwise we'd have to use
* http.contentType() method which returns a string.
ContentType type = http.contentTypeEnum();

switch (type) {
case GIF:
case PNG:
case JPEG:
String RequestUrl=http.fieldValue(Http.Response.RequestUrl);

where could the problem be?

jNetPcap Mac OS X

Hi all,

I have been reading that jNetPcap would provide support for OS X in various posts, and that even a preliminary patch was developed.
Our intended use is to simply read pcap files using Java (offline reading). As far as I understood there should not be a big problem to use it in that mode.

Is there any official or unofficial guide/tutorial/instructions to install jNetPcap in OS X?

Some of the posts I mentioned:

Thanks in advance!